Business Model


Celerity has a well-developed comprehensive and integrated system for measuring the organization’s operational performance and progress on a continual basis, including social, financial, and organizational impact of our programs and their activities.

We utilize clear, measurable, and meaningful performance indicators in order to refine and expand our operational capacity. Comprehensive internal and external bench­marking is part of our culture and is used by staff in target setting and daily operations.

Our financial plans are continuously updated based on feedback from stakeholders and overall program availabil­ity. The budget is integrated and is developed from a process that incorporates and reflects organizational needs and objectives. The performance-to-budget is closely and regularly monitored. Additionally, the organizational budget is fed by multiple funding sources (e.g. government, foundations, corporations) in order to diversify and protect against potential instabilities.

Celerity schools maintain their flexibility and autonomies as charter schools to support and respond to local student and community needs. The schools are held accountable to operating within the successful Celerity model and are provided support by Celerity Schools Louisiana as needed to meet those expectations.